Hello to all volunteers, families, friends, and community members!

I am Alex the project supervisor for this exchange and I am excited to be working with you in some way or another in the coming months! The youth volunteers will be in Kingston from October 20 - December 21, 2014

We have a few events coming up in the community!
Nov 22 - Find us at various grocery stores in Kingston to donate to HIV/AIDS Regional Services
Nov 28 - Gender Safety Audit - Join us to survey a couple areas of Kingston and make recommendations on how we can better prevent gender based violence through environmental improvements

Dec 7 - Vietnam Day - Join us to celebrate our exchange, hear stories about what we have been up to, taste some Vietnamese cuisine and enjoy performances by the group members


Please contact me at aoneill@cwy-jcm.org
Info about Canada World Youth can be found at http://canadaworldyouth.org/

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Yes I am still looking for host families!


Just a little update to let you know I am still looking for host families!

Quick recap:

Canada World Youth is seeking host families!
Make a difference in the lives of two young people!
Explore new perspectives and cultures. Develop lasting relationships.

·         Each host will welcome two youth – one Vietnamese and one Canadian - from October 20 to December 21 2014
·         Youth volunteers should be included as family members
·         One spare room is all that is required
·         Hosts receive a weekly allowance of $180 to help with costs (room, board, occasional transport)
·         Two project supervisors will be supporting the program locally

We invite people of all ages, ethnicities, faiths, genders, sexual orientations, family types, sizes, and more to express their interest.  Since 1971, more than 37,000 youth from Canada and around the world have participated in Canada World Youth projects.

In other news, this time next month our wonderful group of Canadians will be heading to Vietnam to meet the other half of our group and begin 2 months of volunteer service in Hoa Binh province!

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